The little victories 

At my first GP appointment, I mentioned that I hadn't been able to read a book in almost a year and was surprised when she told me this was "completely normal".

Being nice hurts no one…oh wait

What gives people the right, to look down on others from their pedestal and mock, tease and judge?

Positive Vibes Only 

For a long time I felt shit that I couldn't appease these rather selfish, ignorant people but then, I see in my friends the person I want to be.

Depressed Celeb? Doubtful

Someone like Ant; well loved, happy-go-lucky proves that mental illness can happen to anyone at anytime. Talking about it helps raise awareness which for me, is a miracle

Always take the scenic route

The sun was shining bright in Kent and we drove down to the coast. France was in touching distance. I felt free.