The little victories 

At my first GP appointment, I mentioned that I hadn't been able to read a book in almost a year and was surprised when she told me this was "completely normal".

Positive Vibes Only 

For a long time I felt shit that I couldn't appease these rather selfish, ignorant people but then, I see in my friends the person I want to be.

Depressed Celeb? Doubtful

Someone like Ant; well loved, happy-go-lucky proves that mental illness can happen to anyone at anytime. Talking about it helps raise awareness which for me, is a miracle

Always take the scenic route

The sun was shining bright in Kent and we drove down to the coast. France was in touching distance. I felt free.

Monday Motivation? More like face in pillow… hasn't been the best start to the week. It started with, you guessed it, a spoonful of sugar, medicine and anxiety. Over the last few days my mind has been riddled with anxiety. You know, the usual... Will I lose my job because I'm going to therapy? How am I going to make up … Continue reading Monday Motivation? More like face in pillow…