Therapy. A good day. 

Today, I went back to group therapy after missing a few sessions.  I was really nervous about heading back but I can't tell you how lovely it was to see everyone.  Group therapy comes with one rule and that's that you're not allowed to talk to any of the group outside the sessions, which of … Continue reading Therapy. A good day. 

MIND Training

A letter from the Company Director to the rest of us following MIND training.

Dear Imagination 

Dear imagination, how are you today? Will it be a car crash? A bus crash? Or have you some other plan for my brain this Friday?

Being nice hurts no one…oh wait

What gives people the right, to look down on others from their pedestal and mock, tease and judge?

“You’re too sensitive” 

Being able to cry and vent without being deemed weak or irrational is a relief. Personally, I can't wait for the vocabulary to change in the workplace.

Always take the scenic route

The sun was shining bright in Kent and we drove down to the coast. France was in touching distance. I felt free.