Self care is so underrated

Over the Christmas holidays (2017) I decided to be more selfish.

Not in a ‘fuck you’ kinda way but in a… it’s okay to put myself first every now and then. To give myself the timeout I need.

Surprised to say that I have, for the most part, kept to my guns.

Taking time out for yourself shouldn’t be deemed as selfish, after all, it’s all for the greater good.

As we aim to raise awareness during this week’s Mental Health Awareness Week, I wanted to share the top 5 self care tips that have personally helped with easing my anxiety.

Having a bath

It may sound minuscule but I very rarely have one of these. I’m a shower girl… and that’s when I have the energy. But if I’m ever feeling low, a hot bubble bath has certainly helped calm me. I’ve started a little collection of indulgent bubble bath gels that I use as a mini treat.

Netflix and Chill… Solo

There’s been many occasions where I’ve wanted to watch something, anything that doesn’t require my brain to work and Netflix has certainly kept me company. When I don’t have the energy to interact with anyone, I put on FRIENDS or something as easy to watch and give myself a duvet day. Rest. A time to not think about work or what I’m going to meal prep for the week or even wear.

Shutting down browsers

Self care isn’t something that we should do on a weekend or when we’re home. In fact, I’m a firm believer that you must also give yourself a break at work. When feeling overwhelmed by the to-do list, I shut down all browsers/opened tabs and make myself a tea. I genuinely feel like I’m shutting down my anxiety one click at a time while taking back control.

Saying no thank you

In the past, I’ve often said yes to everything. Yes to taking on more work. Yes to the night out I can’t afford. Yes to the working from home. Yes. Yes. Yes. While I appreciate that my friends want to catchup, fact is, sometimes, having those dates in my diary only give me crazy anxiety – especially when all I want to do is sleep or have a night off. My friends love me. They know I love them. I’m lucky that they’re so understanding but work… I’d never tell them about my mental health issues which is why it’s important for me to say no when I feel I can’t quite pretend. Fancy a drink? “Do you know what. I’d love to but I’m tired so going to decline”.

A social detox

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve given myself various breaks here and there and I can’t recommend it enough. It started with turning my notifications off before taking myself offline for a good couple of months. Taking time out for yourself, away from a mobile screen is key. I work in an office, in front of a keyboard and screen Monday – Friday. Sometimes, I need to give my eyes and brain some time out.

Would be great to hear what works for you? All tips and advice welcome.

With love, always.

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