Being a night owl is a bitch

It’s been a rather dramatic Sunday evening.

My housemate (who is leaving soon, thank God) branded me “annoying” with an “attitude problem” and a “drama queen”.


Because I asked him (a 30 year old man) to clear his pots and pans from the sink area so that the rest of us could use it.

I’ve been replaying the scenario over and over in my head and I don’t think I would have done anything differently but I can’t quite shake off his response.

Our kitchen is small. Four of us use it. He’s kept bits drying by the sink since Friday.

Am I really that out of order for asking him to move them?

Why does wanting to use the kitchen space (a room I pay for under my rental agreement) make me a drama queen?

Why is wanting to also use this space make me annoying?

In therapy, I realised that a lot of my upset comes from expecting people to do as I would do.

For instance…when my cousin got a promotion, I bought her a little chocolate to say well done.

When I got a promotion, she didn’t even acknowledge it but yet, I was in the wrong for “expecting anything as it isn’t tit for tat”.

I appreciate both scenarios are different but I can’t help thinking that I did something incredibly wrong tonight…

I leave the kitchen how I’d like it to be found. Why does this make me a drama queen?

I was honestly hoping and in fact, I’d planned to have an early night ahead of my last week at work…but it’s 1:09, I’m wide awake and my heart is pounding so hard I think it might burst.

I’m anxious. Sweaty. Tired. I mean, my eyes are stinging. But my brain just won’t switch the fuck off.

Tomorrow is going to be hard. So fucking hard and my goodness, I’d hoped it’d be an easy one.

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