New Year, New Job. New me?

Those who have followed my posts, both via the blog and Twitter-sphere will now that 2017 saw many struggles on the work front.

Egotistical managers who advised me to “grow a pair a balls” on numerous occasions.

Other senior members swearing at me in front of film crews while out on events.

Yes, both were very aware of my medical history.

I’ve been at my agency for over five years, in fact, it would have been six come April but as of 19th December 2018, I handed in my notice.

To say I was happy would be a lie. A relief? Possibly.

It’s definitely been harder to leave because of the amount of time I’ve been there and then there’s the bastard called depression.

I convinced myself that no new agency would take me on or that I wouldn’t cope with the interview process.

I can’t begin to tell you how many interviews I cancelled out of fear of failing or having a panic attack mid presentation.

I have no idea if this job is the right one or if I’ll love the work as much as my current but what I do know is that, I was calm when meeting them.

A calm I haven’t felt for a while.

So relaxed we chatted for an hour and a half which, I thought was pretty good for a first interview.

I start the new job on 29th January and I am excited. Nervous but excited for the new challenge, working with new people (& hopefully, patient management).

I have taken the “new year, new me” quite literally.

Reading through my Twitter timeline, I’ve spotted several accounts who are, unfortunately, struggling with management within their team.

I tell myself that there will always be one.

There’ll always be the one person you struggle to get on with, work with, talk to.

That doesn’t make it okay. It’s one of those harsh facts of life that we can’t get on with everyone we meet.

But, I would definitely advise people to keep their options open. We are never tied down to a role.

We must give ourselves a work/life balance.

To live to work and not the other way round.

I’ll come back to you in a month when I’ve started the new role but for now, knowing I’m leaving is like a weight off my shoulders and for that, I’m thankful.

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