How To be Happy re. #StylistLive

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I can’t believe I am back on the train on my way to work…I mean, where did the weekend go?

Ah, always the way.

Despite the commuter life, I am feeling positively upbeat and perhaps, it has something to do with my Sunday spent at this year’s Stylist Live event.

The event itself was great; free samples, discounted products but I was more impressed with the talks they had throughout the day.

I kicked off the event with “How To Be Happy” with Bryony Gordon, Rhian Stephenson and Melissa Hemsley.

From their talk, I took the following – what is happiness?

Bryony made a great point that at times “we focus so much on finding happiness that we make ourselves unhappy” and for me, she hit the nail on the head.

My happiness, of course, is different to those all reading this but that doesn’t mean that my “happy” isn’t enough.

Melissa spoke of what makes her happy and it was the little things like getting some treats in and staying in bed with Netflix. The Netflix and Chill without the innuendo, perfect!

Rhian spoke of her love of fitness and exercise and I agree, exercise is great for stress…I try and tell myself the pain will be worth it when I have all those endorphins pumping through my body. Trouble is, I’m a bit of a lazy bitch…if only laying down could be classed as exercise.

Are there any motivational tips you can suggest to getting my arse to the gym? Answers on a postcard.

Bryony spoke of her “gratitude list” and it’s definitely something I’m going to try out myself.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin…a list that you update daily with something you’re grateful for. A focus on the positive instead of the negative.

For example..despite heading back to work, I’m grateful that I made the train on time and had the heating on while getting ready.

The little things go a long way and I’m glad to be reminded of that.

Will keep you posted on how I get on with it.

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