Forgetful. Like, all the time.

Before I was diagnosed with depression, I noticed that my brain could not hold on to key nuggets of information.

Train times, dinner dates, drinks, a paragraph in a book.

I remember my manager giving me a piece of work to do and as soon as I got back to my desk I’d forgotten the whole brief.

In the last year, I’ve purchased 10-note pads/diaries/to-do-lists and I forget I even have them.

Despite feeling stronger in some ways, I feel my memory getting worse again – so bad that I’m slurring my words as my brain is going 150mph.

Yesterday, my friend from work (who’s an absolute angel) messaged to remind me of the RMT Strike.

This morning? Well, I completely forgot (naturally) which meant I had to run like a lunatic when I finally reached Clapham Junction.

It’s 8:43 and I’m exhausted. I feel like I’ve ran for miles and I mean, I ran across the foyer and up the stairs.

My therapist has advised me to speak to my GP so they can review my medication. I was meant to call on Tuesday to make an appointment but I’ve only just remembered.

If anyone has any tips or advice on how to assist my busy brain, I’ll be hugely grateful.

For now, I need to remember to call my GP when I get off the train…

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