Blogger Recognition Award 

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that today was my first day back at work after a horrendous six days off. 

I caught the dreaded virus doing the rounds at the moment and could just about get up to go to the bathroom. 

It was a week of lying horizontal which, I got to tell you, was rather boring. 

I was however very surprised when on Sunday morning, I was nomintated with a “blogger recognition award” by the lovely Travel Bear

Firstly, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 

How bloody awesome is that?! 

Now, I’m behind on several blog posts but wanted to get this one out the door so here goes…

The rules of the Blogger Recognition Award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog – done! (Thanks again Travel Bear)
  2. Write a post to show your award! – THIS is the POST! 
  3. Write a brief story about how your blog started…
  4. Share two pieces of advice to new bloggers 
  5. Choose 15 other bloggers you want to nominate 

Anxiety in London hasn’t been live for very long. I launched the blog at the end of July, a few weeks before I was heading back to therapy. 

I never intended the blog to pick up a following and was hoping to use it as a diary where I could jot down my thoughts, almost getting rid of any unwanted anxiety in my mind and putting it to paper. 

Weeks passed and I realised that I was far from the only person feeling the way I did/do. 

Mental Health has become a talking point, a trend over the last few months and I’m so proud of all those who take the time to truly understand what it all means. 

For years, my depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder went undiagnosed and it’s the worst feeling in the world. 

Not knowing why you can’t get out of bed or why you wake up everyday with a hangover…despite never drinking. 

Anxiety in London isn’t about the follower numbers or the engagement rate. It’s about depression and what that really looks like. The good days. The bad days. The days of pretending and the days of really not giving a flying fuck. 

So, to everyone who has read a tweet or a post, thank you. 

Here’s to ending the stigma together. 

Now…here’s to two pieces of advise (can’t forget rule number 4).  

Be you:

Find your own tone of voice and own it. Every blog is different thanks to those behind the keyboard so be proud of your content and what makes you unique. 

Take your time:

It isn’t a race. You’ll reach those milestones but take your time. If you can’t be bothered or have no energy, that’s okay. We won’t judge. Your audience will be here when you’re ready. 

Finally, I’d like to nominate the following 15 bloggers who have, for several reasons, given me faith in humanity. 

They’re honesty is a blessing, particularly on a dark day when I honestly don’t want to get out bed. 

They’re definitely worth checking out: 

  1. Alex Thomson 
  2. Arthritis Fighter 
  3. No Light Without Darkness 
  4. A Beautiful Mind For Me 
  5. Power of Enduring 
  6. Walk with Jess 
  7. Perplexing Purple 
  8. Lisa’s Reality 
  9. My Life In Colour 
  10. Cloud Blog Ramblings 
  11. United as One Voice 
  12. Happy Bunnie Blog 
  13. It’s really all in my head 
  14. Sun Shiny Shower 
  15. Miss Anxiety 

A big thank you again to Bear for the nomination! 

I look forward to seeing all your responses, be it via a blog post, tweet, Instagram post or vlog. 

Here’s to ending the stigma together 💙

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