Dear Imagination 

Dear imagination, how are you today?

Will it be a car crash? A bus crash? Or have you some other plan for my brain this Friday?

You creep up on me like the moon at night.

Sat here, next to strangers in my own world, anyone would think I was normal at first sight. 

So today you’ve picked death in various forms. 

Terrorism, train derail, stabbing – my rationale struggling against the storm. 

Dear imagination, you’re tormenting me again today. 

Whatever happened to the happy ever after  thoughts, in my mind you continue to slay. 

Anxiety, I wondered how long it’d take you to arrive. I see my brain let you in. 

A fight I’m failing to win. 

Dear imagination, once a friend and now an enemy. You’re in full force today. 

Too tired to let me finish this book, a battle I thought I won. 

I want my innocent brain back, the one who’d get lost in the train tracks, the clouds and the window reflections. 

Dear imagination, I hope we have a better tomorrow. 

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