“Your mood brings the vibe down”

Today, was a bad day, 

Tears stuck in throat since 9 this morning. 

Desk stuck against a wall, pretty much sat on my own.

I’m told my mood “brings the vibe down” 

God forbid I’m feeling a little grey. 

You’re “too sensitive” or so I’m told,

“Your mindset needs to change”. 

I’m sure my therapist, GP & pharmacist will agree with you,

But for now, I’ll ignore your ignorance – your comments are geting little old. 

Today was a bad day,

Why can’t I just come into work and get my monthly pay?

Cartwheels, singing and dancing – this is what they want. 

You realise I just about managed to roll of bed?

God help me, I’m just going to sit here and pray. 

They’re worried about my “well-being” and general “wellness”

But really, you’re worried about how my mood affects the “vibe” 

With management like you, I don’t need anyone by my side. 

Twenty-nine years solo, what’s another eight hours at my desk. 

Today was a bad day, 

I just want it all to go away. 

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