Cancelled Plans

Cancelled plans, yes again. 

Anxiety kicked in, straight from one to ten. 

Nausea, sweat and increased heart rate. 

Feeling sick. Feeling hopeless. Feel a state. 

I’m sorry I cancelled, I’ll make the next one. 

Okay okay, are you sure? It’ll be fun! 

Music, drunks and a late night ride home. 

I know I’ve disappointed, I can hear it in her tone. 

Vomit in toilet, thank God I made it. 

Relieved I cancelled, sorry, just gotta spit. 

I’m not always like this, sometimes I make it out. 

But tonight my body, was in a lot of doubt. 

So there we have it, Anxiety, you won tonight. 

But don’t get used to it, I’ll win this fight. 

For I know I am stronger and I’ve beaten you before. 

I’ll let you have tonight, one night I’ll be a bore. 

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