Depressed Celeb? Doubtful

To say I was following Ant McPartlin’s story would be an exaggeration but I was pleased to hear he’d come across the other side.

Having gone through therapy, you appreciate how hard it is to not only acknowledge the need for help but letting someone else in.

It’s 2017 and after years of campaigns, particularly over the last few months, it’s astonishing that so many still can’t accept mental health issues as an illness.

Flicking through Twitter, I couldn’t believe some of the things I read.

Unfortunately, there’ll always be the one insensitive soul who believes they know better than every medical professional.

Of course, I’m no professional but here’re some of my thoughts towards these individuals (twats, can I call them that?)

  • Depression (of any kind) isn’t a “sob story” – it is however, one of the most scariest, loneliest things you’ll ever go through. Your mind dictates every feeling even when you know it’s wrong, it’ll always win. You’re losing a constant battle with yourself and it’s exhausting
  • Those with mental illness get attention from the right people; personally, my experience with the NHS has been wonderful. I can’t fault them. They’ve helped me beyond belief
  • Speaking about it isn’t bad, the contrary. Someone like Ant; well loved, happy-go-lucky proves that mental illness can happen to anyone at anytime. Talking about it helps raise awareness which for me, is a miracle
  • For months, I struggled to wash my hair more than once a week. It’s not because I’m a “tramp” – I was exhausted. I didn’t want to eat, wash, talk, go out…getting up out of bed was single handily the hardest thing I had to do

I believe we’ve come a long way in raising awareness of mental health & it’s a real shame to see negative feedback when someone who is genuinely unwell shares their story. It’s incredibly brave to step out and say “I’m not well”.

Don’t be afraid to speak out. Be the positive amongst the ignorant…we’ll get there one today, together.


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