When the D writes words. 

Sleepless nights. 

Bags under eyes. 

A fake smile to put it right. 

Waterproof masacara, hide the lies. 

Laugh out loud. L. O. L. 

Get your shit together it’s time for work. 

They’re talking about you. Bitching, it’s taking its toll. 

Mental breakdowns, sorry, that isn’t a job perk. 

People. Shoving. Chewing. Commuter train hell. 

Rain. Grey. Wind. Clouds. 

Don’t look them in the eye, they’ll tell. 

In my head, I’m screaming out loud. 

Be normal. Read a book. 

Read same shit three times. 

Max factor, Benefit…you sure don’t have the mental look. 

It’s okay, they’ll think I’m fine. 

Write words. Free your mind. 

You’ll get better, just give it time. 

The waves are coming in, you’re going against the tide. 

And that’s how I know I’ll be fine. 

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