“Cheer up”

Management. They’re a funny thing. 

My team are very aware of the struggles, my ongoing therapy and medication, yet…there’s always an underlying message whenever they speak to me…

“Cheer up” which is normally followed by “just put a smile on your face” and of course, my favourite, “you need to toughen up”. 

Would you tell a pregnant woman with morning sickness to “just stop throwing up”? 

No. You wouldn’t. (Well, I hope you wouldn’t…) 

Why is mental health not treated the same?

I don’t choose to “look miserable” or “be depressing” (another favourite of mine thanks to my manager). 

In fact, I would argue that I’ve been smiling and acting cheery for YEARS so perhaps my brain decided that enough was enough? 

I recently picked this up in one of my therapy sessions and the advice I was given was simple…sometimes people have good days and bad days. 

These are determined by several factors. Internal and external. 

But if I want to have a “miserable” day then I can fucking will and being told to “cheer up” is counterproductive so ignore those who simply don’t understand. 

Ignorance, it’s a bitch. 

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