Anxiety at work. 

I work in a very fast paced industry. 

Sometimes you’re given no more than 15-minutes to reach a deadline. 

You’ve got to be on the ball all the time. Some weeks, 24/7 depending on what you’re working on event wise. 

90% of the time, it’s manageable. 

But you can always rely on that one individual to make you feel inadequate, not very good at your job and on edge…that’s when the anxiety takes over and you crumble into an eton-mess. 

I work with a very testing young woman. 

My morning greetings are ignored. 

Dare I input to any group conversations…granted it’ll fall on deaf ears with the added eye roll for added measure. 

She has a way of making me feel incredibly and utterly stupid. 

Of course, maybe my office chat might just be utterly shit, but trust me when I say she goes out of her way to undermine me in every way. 

I’ve read several articles that highlights ways of dealing with this sort of thing but it’s hard to put into practice. 

  • I smile, daily
  • I make polite conversation, particularly when we’re in a group so not to be rude 
  • I “ignore” the passive agressiveness (well, I try) 
  • I’ve raised the issue with HR 
  • I’ve even taken her to one side 

Results? An overwhelming feeling of anxiety. 

There’ll always be someone in a work environment I’ll struggle with, we’re only human, but how do you deal with it? 

I’m currently on the train commuting to work and I feel sick to the pit of my stomach knowing I’m going to see her. 

I’ve taken days off work previously and well, no one wins there.  

Thoughts welcome. 

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