Hi there!

Many moons ago I launched a lifestyle blog.

Blogs were published frequently and I even set up an Instagram account to support and drive traffic.

Very millienial of me, I know.

The blog did relatively well…for someone who blogged weekly but that turned into monthly and now, yearly.

Fact of the matter is, I lost the drive and enthusiasm to keep it going.

My brain was swimming with information  and once I got home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was open the laptop and type.

It was as if I lost all ability to multi-task.

That being said, I’m really pleased I’ve launched Anxiety in London.

It’ll be, I hope, an honest look at what living with depression looks like.

After all, it’s hard to lose interest in something you live with daily.

Besides, it’s not all doom and gloom…so she says.

I’m no medical professional but my hope for Anxiety in London is that it encourages people to get in touch with their stories.

After all, we’re all in this together aren’t we?

Here’s to the good and bad days.


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